Why a career at first class?

Three things are quite different at First Class Housekeeping. First, management is focused on you, the employee. We are so confident that we are the best place to work for housekeepers that we do not require you to sign non-compete contracts like our competitors do. We've taken the accounting, insurance, bookkeeping, legal, etc, and we've done all that for you. We work for you and we are the best. Second, our compensation is better. Pay is determined mathematically through an evaluation process which takes place three to four times per year; which means you could potentially receive a raise every three to four months! The only person who pressures you to perform at a certain level is you! Third, our core values as an organization are how we conduct ourselves - everyday! They are values that everyone in the organization shares. This means that when dealing with anyone in our organization you can be sure that you will be treated well. Consider them one at a time:

Professionalism – Just as you are expected to act as an equal partner working toward a common goal, you can also expect to be treated as one. This means that no one will make you feel uncomfortable since we are all on the same team, rather than competing against one another. We are all professionals dealing with professionals.

Reliability- Employers expect to rely on employees to do their job as expected and on time. As a reliable organization we can be counted on to do ours. We have been in business for ten years and have grown year after year. You can rely on us to keep at it and to strive to improve on every level. We value your feedback as well and often try new products or implement new methods based on feedback from employees. You can rely on us to provide you a schedule that is right for you. We do not impose arbitrary requirements on employees regarding the number of hours per week they have to work or how many days per week they work. You decide what is appropriate for you.

Integrity – We are people of integrity. We will always be honest with you and remain in good standing with the law. Many competitors do not maintain their insurance policies, pay workers legally, or pay taxes. That's not the case with us. We abide by the laws and are current on our bills. We are honest with our clients which keeps them loyal to us, and therefore keeps us growing as a successful company you can be proud to be a part of.

Consistency – You are expected to be consistent which means that your work and attitude should be the same every day. Life happens and we all have bad times, but we don't bring that to work. You can expect the same from us. We remain committed to our goal as an organization and we will never pass along unnecessary stress to others. Your schedules are the same week after week, so you can plan your life outside of work. Since you will have the same schedule, you will be able to build a familiarity with each house and become very efficient at cleaning it and build a rapport with the clients.

Communication - We strive to be efficient communicators throughout our organization. It is important for a team working toward a common goal to be on the same page all the time, so we make sure this is the case. We always do so in a positive way, as there is no benefit to being negative. Angela will communicate with you via text regularly regarding day to day details, you will also find audit reports at clients' houses which will contain feedback about the last cleaning you performed. This is to help you be as successful as possible and is constructive in nature.


click the address below, or copy and paste into an email. If you have a current resume, feel free to attach it. Don't have one? No worries! Just let us know your interested:


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The motto at First Class is: never ask an employee to do anything that the owners themselves wouldn't do. We have consideration for our employees which shows in the details: both founders started out as employees and know what it's like – we work to make the job as enjoyable and easy as it can be; i.e. we keep supplies and caddies at clients' houses so you don't have to lug them in and out – no freezing chemicals or spillage in your cars. We buy light-weight commercial vacuums with long hoses and cords to minimize the rigors of vacuuming. No paperwork to fill out at houses, no needing to collect payment from clients (we invoice), no reporting to an office every day, no tracking of supplies needed. 

A refreshing experience awaits at first class housekeeping.  Industry Professionals since 2005.